Hygiene in context with corona

Dr. Schumacher’s online portal is aimed at hygiene managers and specialists working in healthcare facilities. Contributions from research and practice are intended to provide well-founded information during the current COVID-19 pandemic – for better implementing hygiene and infection prevention measures.

FFP Classes

The FFP classes are part of a classification system for particle filtering half-masks that protect against particulate pollutants such as dust, smoke and aerosol. The abbreviation FFP stands for “filtering face piece”. The half masks are standardized according to EN 149 and are divided into the three protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The FFP class depends on the total leakage and the filtration of particle sizes up to 0.6 μm. The total leakage is caused by the filter passage and possible leaks at the nose, chin or eyes.


„Hygiene in context with Corona“
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