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Greater risk when removing PPE

The correct use of protective equipment is essential for personnel protection. Many employees find it particularly difficult to remove. Our explanatory video and instructions show how to avoid contamination.

The primary purpose of personal protective equipment (PPE) is to protect employees from direct contact with potential pathogens. A study investigated how safely the personnel were able to handle protective equipment using a fluorescent solution. The researches observed the following:

  • The majority of contamination risks occurred while removing PPE. Over half of the individuals tested contaminated themselves after taking off their gloves.
  • After taking off their protective suit, about 38% of the study participants found the fluorescent substance on their bodies.

Training staff on how to correctly remove the protective equipment has reduced the risk of contamination from 60% to 19%. What was most helpful to the employees was step-by-step instructions.

Simple instructions according to CDC

There are many recommendations for correctly disposing of PPE. Our instructions on “How to properly dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE)” and our explanatory video are based on a simple variant of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The step-by-step procedure allows for a pragmatic but at the same time safe approach – to offer simple solutions, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Instructions on how to dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly

Download PDF instructions sheet

Tomas et al. Contamination of Health Care Personnel During Removal of Personal Protective Equip- ment. JAMA Intern Med. Published online October 12, 2015.
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