Hygiene management

COVID-19 vaccination: Key aspects of hygiene

Preparations for the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign via vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams are in full swing. The vaccination process takes about an hour per person, according to estimates by organizers such as the Technisches Hilfswerk. A large part of that time is spent on registration and the necessary documentation plus the 30-minute waiting period under medical supervision. The actual vaccination requires systematic hygiene measures, especially for high-risk patients. Our chart shows what is important to remember.

Vaccinations such as the influenza or COVID-19 shot are aseptic procedures. Before, during and after vaccination, care must be taken to sterilize the skin at the spot where the vaccine is injected so as to prevent transfer or penetration of harmful germs into the body. Preventing such transfer of germs is particularly important in the planned first phase of COVID-19 vaccination, since the people first in line for vaccination will belong to the vulnerable risk groups.

The hygiene steps that need to be observed in connection with COVID-19 vaccination are shown in an easy-to-follow chart.

Download the chart



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